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2015 Virtual Lecture Series - Season 1

2015 Virtual Lecture Series

During the first half of 2015, Paradigm hosted a series of Virtual Lectures in eight Webcasts presented by Paradigm Subject Matter Experts. These presentations, available on-demand, will help you learn about Paradigm solutions at the time and place of your choice.

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On-Demand Presentation Title Featured Technology Presenter

Well Marker Constrained Time-to-Depth and Redepth Solutions Explorer, well tie tomography Joanne Wang

Seismic Focused Sweet Spot Characterization in a Shale Resource Play – an Eagle Ford Example SeisEarth®, seismic data attributes, multi-azimuth inversion
Adam Marsden

Optimizing Production through Microseismic Data Analysis and Reservoir Modeling SKUA-GOCAD™, SeisEarth® Hassane Kassouf

Advanced Tomography as a Tool for Enhancing Imaging and Interpretation GeoDepth® Tomography
Elana Mandelman

Prestack Visualization and Analysis for Quantitative Seismic Interpretation Probe®, SeisEarth® Joanne Wang

Quantifying the Impact of Fault Position Uncertainty on Hydrocarbon Volume Estimates and Production Forecasts SKUA-GOCAD™
Aymen Haouesse

Solving Complex Seismic Correlation Challenges Using Volumetric Interpretation and HD Modeling SKUA-GOCAD™
Bruno de Ribet

Where are the Fractures?  An Integrated Geological and Engineering Approach SKUA-GOCAD™, SeisEarth® Hassane Kassouf