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A 3D Geological Model, So What?

Geoffrey Maisonneuve, Technical Sales Advisor, explains how to get the most out of high-quality subsurface models, to deliver immediate and critical insights for day-to-day operations.

Topics Covered
  • Turn around high-quality reservoir models
  • Perform numerous quality control, reporting and validation tasks
  • Get the most from your model for operational work
While 3D geological models commonly support reservoir volume estimates and provide reliable geological inputs for flow simulations, they are too often put on a shelf afterwards and largely ignored as a key business input supporting day-to-day operations. By using SKUA as a modern modeling platform and taking advantage of its latest technology breakthroughs, geoscientists can now turn around high-quality and realistic 3D models in record time for any asset and any play area. Not only can they estimate reservoir volumes and associated uncertainties with greater confidence; not only can they deliver more reliable input to assess fluid flow performance - they also gain quick access to numerous quality-control, reporting, validation and advanced visualization tools. These help them get the most out of their models for operational work, and deliver critical business insights.

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