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Put Geology on the Map

Andrea Gallagher, Technical Sales Advisor, presents an integrated approach to geological correlation, cross section and mapping using Paradigm® SeisEarth and StratEarth.

Topics Covered
  • Interactive geological interpretation workflow to facilitate integration
  • Automated geophysical structure map updates from well correlation and cross-section interpretation
  • Incorporating petrophysical data to generate key decision making maps
Correlating markers across wells is one step in a broader geological workflow, and one of the first steps in geological interpretation.  Ultimately, a geologist will use correlation to generate maps, such as structure and net pay maps, based on log cutoffs.  From these maps, geologists often make key decisions about where to place their next well during field development.
We will take you through an integrated workflow that uses geophysical, geological and petrophysical data to aid in the decision-making process. Real-time marker updates, in addition to gridding techniques relying on markers and petrophysical logs, will demonstrate an integrated approach to performing traditional geologic interpretation.

Featured Technologies: SeisEarth®, StratEarth®