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Quantitative Interpretation

Quantitative Interpretation as a Natural and Productivity Extension to the Interpretation Process - From Prestack Data to Lithology

Tatiana Kuznetsova, Technical Sales Advisor, explains how to extend the interpretation process to quantitative interpretation, to gain lithology properties from pre-stack data.

Topics Covered
  • Advanced prestack data visualization and interpretation in 3D interpretation canvas
  • Transformation of prestack data to lithology attributes with Prestack Maximum Likelihood Inversion (PMLI)
  • Prospect mapping using 3D crossplotting, subvolume rendering and geobody detection
  • Prospect validation with prestack data
Pre-stack seismic data carries critical information related to rock properties. Transformation of pre-stack data to lithology is carried out easily and collaboratively with the support of Paradigm’s integrated technology canvas. See the value of powerful quantitative interpretation and seismic characterization workflows.

Featured Technology: SeisEarth® pre-stack inversion