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The Impact of Petrophysical Parameter Dependencies on Resource Estimates

Nicolas Poete, Team Leader and Technical Sales Advisor, discusses tools for assessing and reducing petrophysical uncertainty.

Topics Covered
  • Petrophysical uncertainty: Why is it so important?
  • A close look at various Monte Carlo processing implementations in petrophysics and their drawbacks
  • The impact of petrophysical dependencies on resource estimates using various MC techniques
  • The Paradigm petrophysical uncertainty solution
Uncertainty defines the difference between a base case and the pessimistic or ‘proven’ case upon which resources and reserves can be booked. Petrophysical uncertainty makes up a large proportion of the overall uncertainty range that applies to reserves estimation, and failure to properly account for dependencies between petrophysical parameters can have a profound negative impact on results. This presentation will examine several different approaches used to assess petrophysical uncertainty in the upstream energy industry today, and highlight the combination of techniques that produces the most robust and statistically accurate results.

Featured Technology: Geolog®