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Shale Insights include Software + Services + Basin Expertise


About Shale Insights Services

The Emerson E&P Software Shale Insights services offering is a simple monthly subscription program that provides predictable cost access to leading subsurface evaluation software, comprehensive geoscience services, and access to our Permian basin experts. It improves financial professionals’ understanding of the risks and opportunities in their investments, while enabling asset teams to better define and validate their operating strategies. 

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Critical Insights Enabled by Emerson E&P Software, Services and Expertise with a Simple Monthly Subscription

Accurate Pay Zone Identification with Full-Azimuth Imaging, Velocity Modeling, Fracture Characterization and Reservoir Property Modeling
Our patented full-azimuth seismic imaging and reservoir characterization technology uses rich azimuth data from seismic acquisitions to recover faults not previously detected in seismic data, to recover natural fracture orientations and intensities, to precisely map the depth to shale lithozones in order to improve horizontal drilling operations, and to recover elastic properties critical for modeling the distribution of brittle and ductile zones.  All of this is enabled by an integrated G&G velocity modeling system that leverages the best of both domains.

Better Completion Cost Modeling with Advanced Fracture and Facies Characterization
The 3D chronostratigraphic modeling system (SKUA-GOCAD™) incorporates seismic and well bore data and deliverables to create discrete fracture networks and facies models that fully describe shale lithozones and shale heterogeneities, for better completion cost modeling.  Time-dependent data (e.g. microseismic data, production data, chemical tracer data) can be incorporated into the model and animated to assist with completion cost modeling.

Improved Reservoir Level Analysis with Artificial Intelligence-Driven Facies Modeling
Our probabilistic rock type (facies) prediction and modeling solution uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (neural networks) to integrated seismic data attributes, rock type models, and well bore (electrofacies) models into a 3D probabilistic facies model that fully describes the heterogeneities of key facies in shale lithozones.  This can be used to plan a completion program tailored to the different rock types to maximize efficiencies.

Emerson E&P Software Shale Insights Workflows

Shale Insights services include our rich portfolio of scientifically advanced software applications in integrated workflows, together with the expertise of our geoscientists and basin mastery:


Combining unparalleled R&D strength and software interoperability with expert implementation, the Emerson E&P Software Geoscience Services team collaborates with clients to provide complete service solutions, from seismic and wellbore field data, to prospects and drilling targets.  Whether using proven and field-tested methodologies or new, innovative solutions, our best and brightest geoscientists deliver a highly collaborative, interactive and quality service offering.  The advanced technologies offered by our Services group deliver more insights into the subsurface, enabling you to make better informed, timelier and more accurate decisions.

Of the leading global service providers to the oil and gas industry, only Emerson E&P Software offers services based exclusively on its integrated software solutions.  These solutions in subsurface imaging, formation evaluation, volume-based multi-survey interpretation, volumetric earth modeling, and precision well planning are recognized as industry-leading technologies.  They have been enriched with significant development investments that are specifically aimed at the exploration and development of shale fields.


Accelerated exploration and development activity in the Greater Permian Basin is expected to continue in the next few years, as North American shale operators leverage their experience in mature shale plays to focus on well economics of the vertically stacked formations (e.g. Wolfberry, Wolfbone, and Wolfcamp) that make the Permian an attractive asset for small and large operators alike.
Exploration activity will focus on improved modeling of shale zone mineralogy, facies, fracture capacity and TOC to identify sweet spots and sweet zones, in order to impact field operation decisions.  Field operations will focus on optimizing lateral lengths, well spacing, well positioning, frac spacing, and multi-stage stimulations to drive down costs and improve economic metrics.

To maximize understanding of the Permian Basin at the regional and prospect scales, operators need to work with an earth model that incorporates relevant data from geophysical methods, geology (cores), petrophysical models, and engineering and production data.  These models enable operators to not only understand current well and field performance, but to predict outcomes for future wells based on analysis and correlations of available exploration and production data.  Our subscription geoscience software and services aim at meeting this objective.


Emerson E&P Software, comprising Paradigm and Roxar, is the largest independent developer of software-enabled solutions to the global oil and gas industry.  For over 30 years, our mission has been to help natural resources companies increase confidence in their exploration and production decisions by providing deeper insight into the subsurface.  Our activity in North America through software licensing and geoscience services has played a large role in helping shale operators understand shale prospectivity and drive down operational costs.  Geologists, geophysicists and engineers rely on our rich portfolio of productivity tools and scientifically advanced applications to construct the industry’s most advanced subsurface models.

Built as an integrated platform for seismic and borehole data, the Emerson E&P Software high-definition G&G platform facilitates workflows for modeling shale formation fabric, heterogeneity and positioning without compromising data integrity and without the approximations made by other modeling software to “fit” the data.  Third-party data is accommodated by high levels of connectivity, to make sure that operational decisions and metrics (e.g. EUR) are made with confidence.  

Shale Formation Evaluation – Designed from the ground up to operate in dense multi-well/multi-user environments, Geolog® is the industry leader in advanced petrophysical and well data analysis.  Shale operators rely on Geolog’s multi-mineral modeling, deterministic petrophysics, and facies modeling software to understand shale heterogeneity, model total organic carbon (TOC) and predict sweet spots.  They also rely on Geolog’s geomechanical, pore pressure prediction, core analysis, and geosteering solutions to manage field operations.

Shale Interpretation – The Emerson E&P Software seismic and geologic interpretation suite enables users to identify and characterize structure, stratigraphy and faults, and generates diagnostic seismic attributes that allow operators to zero in on sweet spots.  Shale operators rely on our interpretation suite to combine multi-well and multi-seismic survey assets, as new acreage is assimilated over the reservoir.

Shale Geophysics – As the recognized expert in seismic processing and imaging technology, Emerson E&P Software has taken a world leadership position in developing shale imaging and fracture characterization solutions for precision depthing, sweet spot identification, and well planning along minimum stress directions.  Its patented, World Oil Award-winning EarthStudy 360™ solution suite is an established reference for shale geophysics.

Shale Modeling – Built on pioneering efforts of the GOCAD Consortium, the Emerson E&P Software next-generation earth modeling suite (SKUA-GOCAD) generates accurate structural, facies and property models of shale lithozones.  The platform is equipped with shale stimulation technology, including stimulated rock volume calculations and innovative fracture network modeling using microseismic data. Time-dependent data support allows operators to animate stimulation and production data to better understand well and field performance.