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Instructor-Led Courses

We offer a variety of instructor-led training courses to introduce you to important software features, functionality and workflows. 

Courses are taught by proven and effective trainers who are experts in Emerson E&P software applications. Our trainers have a wide understanding of industry workflows and needs, and the skills to provide advice and guidance during each class. 

You can attend any regularly scheduled training course at one of our training locations, or schedule training for your team at your own facility. Click on a course name in the list below to view more information and to register, or use the Course Schedule to find a course near you.

Interested in a virtual option? We can arrange online interactive and real-time instructor-led classes with participants who connect from different locations.

Emerson E&P Software training courses can be tailored to meet your specific business needs. We encourage customer collaboration in the planning of all training programs. Your program can vary from standard offerings to highly tailored programs using your company’s own data.

Contact us about customizing your company’s training program, or to discuss training arrangements for you and your team. 

Course List



Epos - Data Management for Technologists

Epos - Loading and Managing Seismic and Interpretation Data

Epos - Loading and Managing Well Data

Epos - OpenGeo SDK

Epos - System Administration and Database Management


Geosteer - Well Directional Steering

Sysdrill - Advanced Well Planning and Drilling Engineering

Sysdrill - Introduction to Well Planning and Drilling Engineering


Explorer - Time to Depth Conversion

RMS - Advanced Gridding

RMS - Dynamic Well Modeling

RMS - Introduction

RMS - Model Driven Interpretation

RMS - Structural Modeling

RMS - Structural Uncertainty

RMS - Well Correlation

SeisEarth - Multi-Survey (2D/3D) Interpretation

SKUA-GOCAD Fundamentals

SKUA-GOCAD - Modeling Reservoir Architecture using GOCAD

SKUA-GOCAD - Using SKUA to Model Reservoir Architecture

SKUA-GOCAD - Velocity Modeling and Calibration Using SKUA

StratEarth - Introduction to Well Correlation


Geolog - Advanced Geolog

Geolog – Borehole Image Processing and Analysis

Geolog - Deterministic Petrophysical Log Analysis and Uncertainty (Determin)

Geolog - Electrofacies Analysis (Facimage)

Geolog - Essentials for Performing Log Analysis

Geolog - Full Waveform Sonic Processing

Geolog – Geomechanics and Pore Pressure Prediction

Geolog - Integrated Interpretation

Geolog - Introductory Loglan Programming

Geolog - Laminated Shaly Sand Analysis (LSSA)

Geolog - Multi-Mineral Analysis and Interpretation Using Geolog Multimin

Geolog - NMR and NMR2D

Geolog - Rock Physics (Including Pore Pressure Prediction)

Geolog - Site Administration

Geolog - Tcl Programming

Geolog for Geologists

Geolog for Petrophysicists

Litho-Seismic, Waveform, and Rock Type Classifications for Rock Type and Fluid Prediction

QSI - Fluid Property Estimation Using AVO Analysis

QSI - Rock and Fluid Property Estimation Using AVO and Inversion Workflows

QSI - Seismic Facies Classification

QSI - Using Seismic Inversion for Rock and Fluid Property Characterization

RMS - Grid Design and Upscaling

RMS - Property Modeling

RMS - Well Planning and Well Monitoring

SKUA-GOCAD - Data Analysis and Property Modeling

Tempest ENABLE - Advanced Reservoir Simulation


Echos - 3D Marine Processing

Echos - Land Processing

Echos - Seismic Data Processing

GeoDepth 2D - Depth Velocity Model Building and Depth Imaging

GeoDepth 3D - Depth Velocity Model Building and Depth Imaging

GeoDepth 3D – Modeling and Imaging with Anisotropy Using GeoDepth


SKUA-GOCAD – Developer Kit: Implementing Gobjs and User Interfaces

SKUA-GOCAD - Programming in SKUA-GOCAD Developer Kit Framework