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Data Management and Interoperability

The end to data management nightmares.


Terabytes of data, hundreds of projects, multiple users, different locations, multi-vendor software packages… It’s a daunting task for any geoscience project manager.  From one to thousands of users, and from a single project to a network of shared data viewed over the Web, the Epos data management infrastructure empowers geoscientists to collaborate on projects and interact in a common visualization environment.

With Epos, you can securely share data across projects, locations, and databases, optimizing storage, backup, and data integrity, with no need for data duplication.

Data management: We grow with you

Epos interoperability and data management infrastructure

Light and scalable, with a rich set of data management tools, the Epos infrastructure can be easily expanded to meet changing data management needs and security requirements as companies grow. Its scalability makes it suitable for customers of all sizes, from a single user to a team collaborating over a network, to very large, geographically distributed enterprises. It is adaptable for any hardware configuration, from an individual laptop to huge clusters comprising massive amounts of nodes. Unique cross-platform functionality allows Windows® and Linux® users to work together.


Data connectivity and software development kits: Open solutions for your benefit

Emerson understands that our software is used together with other providers’ solutions, and that the ability to incorporate data from other applications is of value to our clients. That’s why we provide high-performance links that allow data to be transferred from third-party repositories into our databases for access by our applications. Do it your way - our software development kits let developers create applications or plug-ins that fully interoperate with their databases and can be plugged into their solutions.


emerson data management and interoperability products:

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