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Reservoir Characterization

Added value at every step of the E&P process.


The Emerson reservoir characterization product portfolio has been specially designed to provide reservoir geoscientists with a full range of characterization, modeling and risk assessment solutions, to locate new prospects, identify drilling targets, optimize completions, and accelerate development.

Data display in Geolog
Our rich solution suite is used daily in oil and gas basins around the world to better understand the mineral composition,  geomechanical fabric, facies distribution, and pore pressure distribution of the reservoir.  This is achieved using such advanced technologies as formation evaluation, seismic inversion methods, facies classification methods (wellbore and seismic), and reservoir property modeling.  These solutions share common data models so that geoscientists can work seamlessly with multi-resolution input datasets when constructing reservoir models.

A formation evaluation solution you can trust

Combining technological superiority with a modern interface that is consistent across multiple platforms, the Emerson formation evaluation solution offers the capabilities needed to meet industry challenges such as deep offshore drilling, fractured carbonates, shale resource plays, and heavy oil.  Emerson formation evaluation solutions include:

Reservoir Geophysics / Quantitative Seismic Interpretation solutions reduce drilling risk and improve productivity

Emerson Reservoir Geophysics/Quantitative Seismic Interpretation solutions provide essential information about the quality of a reservoir. They offer a powerful combination of advanced science and the latest interpretation, visualization and modeling technologies, making them an indispensable tool for reducing risk and improving well drilling success. Our QSI solutions include:

  • Gather conditioning and model based AVA inversion
  • Simultaneous angle stack or full gather seismic inversion methods
  • Seismic inversion in the time or depth domain
  • Seismic facies prediction based on waveform shape or multiple seismic attributes
  • Zero offset or offset/angle Synthetics modeling
  • Probabilistic rock (facies) prediction using Machine Learning

Reduced risk, lower operating costs and enhanced safety through Pore Pressure Prediction 

Emerson provides pore pressure prediction software throughout different domains, including formation evaluation (Geolog-PPP), interpretation (QSI-PPP) and modeling (SKUA-GeoState).

Emerson Geoscience Services has global experience implementing pore pressure prediction projects, with real time analysis and updates at and away from the wellbore.

With Emerson pore pressure prediction solutions, geoscientists can perform:

  • Pore pressure estimation at the well bore
  • Real time pore pressure modeling
  • Pore pressure estimation from seismic velocities with calibration to field data
  • Geologic modeling of pore pressure with analysis of lateral transfer
  • Geomechanical modeling of pore pressure

Accurate and geologically realistic reservoir models

Stop simplifying data to meet the needs of technologies that can’t handle complex geological environments. Powered by SKUA-GOCAD, the Emerson reservoir modeling solution empowers users, allowing them to account for all interpreted horizons and faults with no unnecessary simplification. Create accurate and geologically realistic reservoir models that give you a reliable picture of your reservoir.

  • Geostatistical modeling of reservoir properties in chronostratigraphic space
  • 3D spatial modeling of properties in the presence of faults
  • Facies proportions and facies modeling
  • Stochastic simulations


emerson reservoir characterization products:

Geolog Quantitative Seismic Interpretation