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Reservoir Property Modeling

Easily create accurate and geologically-realistic structural and reservoir models.


The Emerson E&P Software reservoir property modeling solution, powered by SKUA-GOCAD, provides geologists and reservoir modelers with the workflows, tools and flexibility needed to efficiently and accurately represent the subsurface and its petrophysical content. With the Emerson E&P Softwareproperty reservoir modeling solution, you can experience:

  • Integrated seismic-to-simulation workflows
  • A true 3D modeling environment
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Automated processes
  • A complete audit trail

An integrated environment means more robust results

Oil saturation per facies modeling
SKUA-GOCAD and the Common Earth Model create a uniquely integrated 3D modeling environment that facilitates inter-disciplinary workflows. This streamlined working environment empowers your teams to efficiently investigate alternative scenarios, integrate data from different sources, and quantify the uncertainty of hydrocarbon volumes, resulting in more reliable reserve estimations and development plans.

Emerson E&P Software unique, state-of-the art Reservoir Property Modeling outputs include:

  • Accurate 3D structural and stratigraphic representation of the reservoir
  • Reliable hydrocarbon-in-place distributions
  • Multiple, ranked reservoir models that are flow simulation ready
  • Hydrocarbon indicator uncertainty volumes, ideal for development or infill target identification

Don’t compromise – Use all of your data

No simplifications - our reservoir property modeling solution enables geoscientists to construct structural and stratigraphic models and associated 3D grids for the whole subsurface column that honor all seismic and geologic interpretations, no matter the complexity of the underground system. This ensures the highest possible level of accuracy for all of your results. Additionally, the Reservoir Property Modeling solution provides all of the tools needed to create geologically realistic property models integrating seismic attributes, well data, and geologic concepts, and generate many alternative realizations.

Optimized results

The Property Reservoir Modeling solution provides:

  • Accurate structural and stratigraphic models
  • Optimal property modeling grids
  • Ideal for stratigraphic velocity models, initial inversion models, reservoir property models
  • Extensive suite of data analysis functionality
  • Extensive suite of geostatistical algorithms (kriging-based, object-based and MPS)
  • Generation and analysis of multiple scenarios and multiple realizations