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GeoDepth 3D – Modeling and Imaging with Anisotropy Using GeoDepth

GeoDepth offers support for anisotropic velocity model determinations, including vertical axis of symmetry (VTI) and tilted axis of symmetry (TTI), and includes enhanced anisotropic tools to ensure accurate models and the best positioning for reservoir targets. This course:
  • Guides existing GeoDepth users through a series of anisotropic velocity modeling and imaging workflows.
  • Teaches how to update anisotropic parameters with tomography, and how to incorporate well marker data in the velocity model update workflow.
  • Teaches how to perform anisotropic prestack depth migration.
Two days
Prior experience with using GeoDepth in isotropic velocity modeling and imaging workflows, or completion of GeoDepth3D training.
Who Should Attend:
Experienced GeoDepth users, Geophysicists
  • Getting Started
  • Preparing for Anisotropic Welltie Tomography
  • ISO to VTI Welltie Tomography
  • Prestack Depth Migration
  • Preparing for Anisotropic Traveltime Tomography
  • VTI Traveltime Tomography
  • Prestack Depth Migration
  • ISO to TTI Welltie Tomography
  • Prestack Depth Migration

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