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Geolog – Borehole Image Processing and Analysis

Learn to use this Geolog module, an advanced analysis tool kit allowing users to process, enhance, and analyze vendor specific image tools and logs. This training course is designed for users who are new to the borehole image processing and analysis modules within Geolog. It teaches how to process and analyze image logs, and guides you through typical workflows and procedures. 

2 days

A working knowledge of Geolog®

Who should attend?
Geoscientists interested in using, processing, or enhancing wellbore images, all Geolog users, new users of Geomage


  • About borehole imaging in Geolog
  • Loading well data
  • Well borehole image quality check
  • Speed correction
  • Image generation
  • Borehole Image processing: Utilities
  • Borehole Image processing: Post-processing
  • Dip computation and analysis
  • Fracture analysis
  • Borehole Shape Analysis
  • Image analysis
  • Automatic texture detection
  • Walkout plot and stereonet
  • Wireline borehole imaging tools

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