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Geolog – Geomechanics and Pore Pressure Prediction

Teaches a typical Geomechanics workflow in Geolog™. 

The Geomechanics module in Geolog allows the estimation of rock properties and stresses acting on a wellbore to determine safe mud weight windows and the most stable drilling direction.

The Pore Pressure Prediction module in Geolog is needed to calculate the effective stress acting on each grain of a rock. The pore pressure defines the lower limit of the mud weight to safely drill a well without formation fluids entering the borehole. The module output logs are an important input to the Geomechanics workflow.
The course assumes that the student has a general working knowledge of the Geolog software, and is thoroughly grounded in Geomechanics theory.
Who should attend:
Students who are new to the engineering tools in Geolog and would like to learn how to perform a Geomechanical analysis.

  • Well Data and Project Contents
  • Geomechanics Overview
  • Pore Pressure Processing
  • Geomechanics Workflow
    • Open the Geomechanics Layot
    • Isotropic Elastic Rock Properties
    • Rock Strength
    • Stress Magnitude (SHmax and Shmin Poroelastic)
    • SHmax from Polygon Workflow
    • Stereonet Stability Plots
    • Sternet Stability Plot Examples
    • Learn more

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