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Geolog - Essentials for Performing Log Analysis

Learn the general basics of primary Geolog applications, with hands-on exercises that illustrate most of their features and functions.The course covers:

  • Managing working projects
  • Loading and exporting data
  • Managing Geolog® applications
  • Opening, formatting, and saving document views
  • Using menus, tool bars, and other functions common throughout Geolog
  • Displaying, browsing, interpreting, and modifying data

This course is designed for geologists, petrophysicists, or other technical personnel interested in using the Paradigm® Geolog product suite for well data management, petrophysical analysis, and geological interpretation. It is for new users and is not intended to be a comprehensive course covering the full functionality of Geolog. The objective is to teach the basics of using Geolog prior to a student’s use of more advanced modules.

3 days

Background in geology, petrophysics, or well log analysis.

Who Should Attend?
All Geolog users, specifically new users


  • Geolog overview
    • Introduction to Geolog and getting started
    • Visualizing data in Map View
    • Visualizing data in wells
    • Customizing your workspace and creating custom menus
    • Using the Online Help
  • Creating a new project and loading data
    • About the Geolog environment
    • Creating a new project
    • About data loading
    • Loading LIS/LAS/Flat ASCII/Geolog ASCII format data files
    • Transferring data between projects
    • Copying data from XLS format file
  • Displaying and formatting well data in a layout
    • Creating and preparing a new layout
    • Displaying data in tracks
    • Formatting the layout
    • Controlling data display
  • Interpreting and editing data
    • Using QC tools in Project
    • Copying project files between locations
    • Interpreting and editing data graphically in a Layout View
    • Interpreting and editing data with the Module Launcher
  • Reviewing and exporting Data
    • Checking wells in Mapsheet
    • Creating a montage with formatted Document Views
    • Exporting data
    • Reviewing Audit Trail

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