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Stratimagic and SeisFacies - Facies Classification and Analysis

This course will provide the student with a thorough understanding of seismic facies analysis, QC and classification in Stratimagic and SeisFacies.  The course covers a wide variety of topics using workflows targeted toward different datasets and interpretation goals.

3 Days

Who Should Attend:
Seismic interpreters and geophysicists working on reservoir characterization projects.
  • Course Overview
  • Seismic Facies Classification for Stratigraphic Analysis
    • Examine the Data
    • Interval Analysis
    • Unsupervised Neuronal Classification
    • Supervised Neuronal Classification
    • Multi-Attribute Neuronal Classification (Trace Facies)
    • Multi-Attribute Hybrid Classification (Volume Facies)
    • 3D Visualization of Facies Maps and Volumes in 3D Canvas
  • Seismic Facies Classificatiojn for Non-Stratigraphic Analysis
    • Examine the Data and Create the Facies Volume
    • Create and Examine Thickness Maps
    • 3D Visualization of the Thickness Maps and Facies Volume

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